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The NEOS Server offers MOSEK for the solution of linear programming (LP) problems, mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) problems, and conic problems (including SDP, exponential, and power cone problems). LP and MILP problems can be submitted to MOSEK on the NEOS server in MPS, LP, AMPL, or GAMS format. SOCPs can be submitted in GAMS, MPS, or CBF format. CBF format also semidefinite problems.

MOSEK is designed to solve large-scale optimization problems; the technical strength of MOSEK is its state-of-the-art interior-point optimizer and its branch-and-bound-and-cut algorithm for MILPs. MOSEK provides primal and dual simplex optimizers for LP problems. For more information, visit the MOSEK website.

MOSEK was developed by
C/O Symbion Science Park
Fruebjergvej 3, Box 16
2100 Copenhagen 0, Denmark

Using the NEOS Server for MOSEK/CBF

To solve a problem in CBF format, you need to submit the problem in a plaintext file. The file may also be submitted in gzipped or zipped format, and NEOS will automatically uncompress it.

The user can specify system or algorithm parameter settings in a parameter file. The parameter file is a plain text file, which must begin with

and end with
Each line of the file should include a valid MOSEK parameter name followed by a value for the parameter. The list of MOSEK parameter names is available in the MOSEK documentation.

Note: Only LPs, SDPs, and SOCPs can be submitted in CBF format.

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