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The NEOS Server offers MOSEK for the solution of linear programming (LP) problems, mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) problems, nonlinearly constrained optimization problems, and second-order conic optimization (SOCP) problems. LP and MILP problems can be submitted to MOSEK on the NEOS server in MPS, LP, AMPL, or GAMS format. Nonlinearly-constrained problems can be submitted in GAMS or AMPL format. SOCPs can be submitted in GAMS, MPS, or CBF format.

MOSEK is designed to solve large-scale optimization problems; the technical strength of MOSEK is its state-of-the-art interior-point optimizer and its branch-and-bound-and-cut algorithm for MILPs. MOSEK provides primal and dual simplex optimizers for LP problems. For more information, visit the MOSEK website.

MOSEK was developed by
C/O Symbion Science Park
Fruebjergvej 3, Box 16
2100 Copenhagen 0, Denmark

Using the NEOS Server for MOSEK/CBF

To solve a problem in CBF format, you need to submit the problem in a plaintext file. The file may also be submitted in gzipped or zipped format, and NEOS will automatically uncompress it.

The user can specify system or algorithm parameter settings in a parameter file. The parameter file is a plain text file, which must begin with

and end with
Each line of the file should include a valid MOSEK parameter name followed by a value for the parameter. The list of MOSEK parameter names is available in the MOSEK documentation.

Note: Only LPs and SOCPs can be submitted in CBF format.

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