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The NEOS Server offers FICO Xpress for the solution of mixed-integer linear programming (MILP), linear programming (LP), second-order conic programming (SOCP), and nonlinear programming (NLP) problems. Problems can be submitted to FICO Xpress on the NEOS server in AMPL, GAMS, MOSEL, or MPS format.

The FICO Xpress optimizer is a commercial solver for linear programming and mixed integer linear programming. XPRESS is part of the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite. To learn more about the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite, visit the FICO Optimization website.

Using the NEOS Server for FICO-Xpress/MOSEL

The user must submit a model in Mosel format. Xpress Mosel is a modeling and solving language and environment that includes programming language features such as loops (forall, while, repeat/until), conditions (if/then/else, case) and procedures/functions. The Mosel input may include statements to set control parameters for the solver.

The problem must be specified by a model file with the option of a data file. If a data file is submitted, it should be referenced from the model through initializations from 'model.dat' since the data file is renamed model.dat.

The model file can include Mosel commands with some exceptions. System libraries 'mmsystem' and 'mmect' cannot be called for security reasons. Also, data cannot be written to arbitrary files with the initialize to 'filename' command. Data written to standard output will be returned along with your job results.

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