NEOS Interfaces to CPLEX

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The NEOS Server offers the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer for the solution of linear programming (LP), mixed-integer linear programming (MILP), and second-order conic programming (SOCP) problems. Acceptable input formats for CPLEX on the NEOS server include AMPL, GAMS, LP, MPS, and NL formats.

Details on CPLEX can be found on the IBM CPLEX website. Additional information on all IBM software available to academics can be found on the IBM Academic Resources webpage.

Using the NEOS Server for CPLEX/MPS

The user must submit a model in MPS format.

The user may optionally specify two files. The first file may contain a list of CPLEX commands that the user would like executed before the file is read and the optimize command is executed. The second file may contain a list of CPLEX commands that will be executed after the CPLEX optimize command.

The user need not (or should not) include the

commands in these files. The CPLEX
command is not allowed in these files.

Documentation on the CPLEX parameters that may be set is located in the CPLEX Optimization Studio Knowledge Center.

As an alternative to NEOS, you may try the IBM Decision Optimization Cloud for drag and drop solving.

Note: An email address is required for any submissions that use CPLEX. This email address will be forwarded to IBM and may be used by IBM for promotional purposes. When using the XML-RPC interface, you must add the following line into the XML file that is sent to NEOS:


Web Submission Form
MPS file
Enter the location of the MPS file (local file)
Options File
Enter the location of file containing pre-optimization commands (option setting)
Display File
Enter the location of file containing post-optimization commands (display)
Additional Settings

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