The NEOS Server offers DSP for the solution of stochastic mixed-integer programming problems in SMPS format.

DSP was developed and is maintained by Kibaek Kim and Victor Zavala of the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory. Additional resources are available at the DSP website. Documentation for DSP is available online.


Using the NEOS Server for DSP/SMPS

DSP can also read a model provided in SMPS files (see above reference). In this format, a model is defined by three files: core, time, and stochastic with file extensions of .cor, .tim, and .sto, respectively. The core file defines the deterministic version of the model with a single reference scenario; the time file indicates a row and a column that split the deterministic data and stochastic data in the constraint matrix; the stochastic file defines random data.

Users may also optionally provide a parameter file for DSP (default settings). Setting the MIP or QP solvers in this file will override your choices in the form below.

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DSP Algorithm
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DSP QP solver
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Core file
Uplaod the SMPS core file
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Stocastic file
Upload the SMPS stochastic file
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Upload an options file (optional)
Return solution file
Return DSP primal and dual solutions in text files.
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