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The NEOS Server offers NSIPS for the solution of nonlinear semi-infinite (SIP) programming problems in AMPL format. The infinite constraints are recognized by the solver as described in the SIPAMPL manual.

NSIPS implements three classes of methods for the solution of nonlinear SIP problems: three discretization methods, two penalty function approaches, and a sequential quadratic programming (SQP) method. Nonlinear subproblems are solved by NPSOL. Source code and documentation are available from the NSIPS homepage

NSIPS was developed by Ismael Vaz.

This solver was implemented by Hans Mittelmann and executes at

Using the NEOS Server for NSIPS

The user must submit a SIP problem in AMPL format, see the SIPAMPL manual. Examples of such models can be found in the SIPMOD database .

The model is specified by a model file, and optionally, a data file, and a commands file. If the command file is specified it must contain the AMPL solve command.

The commands file may set options for NSIPS by modifying the variable 'nsips_options'. See in this user's guide on how to pass options to the solver and this list for the available options. This is the default command file.
The bspline library may not be used when submitting to the Kestrel solver.

Using the NEOS Server for nsips/AMPL

The user must submit a model in AMPL format. Examples are provided in the examples section of the AMPL website.

The problem must be specified in a model file. A data file and commands files may also be provided. If the commands file is specified, it must contain the AMPL solve command; however, it must not contain the model or data commands. The model and data files are renamed internally by NEOS.

The commands file may include option settings for the solver. To specify solver options, add

  option nsips_options 'OPTIONS';
where OPTIONS is a list of one or more of the available solver options for AMPL.

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