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The NEOS Server offers SeDuMi (version 1.3.5) for the solution of semidefinite-quadratic-linear (SQL) programming problems in sparse SDPA format or in SeDuMi format.

SeDuMi is a Matlab toolbox for solving optimization problems over symmetric cones, i.e. it allows not only for linear constraints, but also quasiconvex-quadratic constraints and positive semi-definiteness constraints. Complex valued entries are allowed. Features include symbolic and numerical reordering schemes, balancing speed/accuracy performance and sophisticated dense column handling, using the Goldfarb-Scheinberg product form idea.

Source code and documentation are available from here

Development of SeDuMi was started by Jos Sturm and continued at AdvOpLab
This solver was implemented by Hans Mittelmann and executes at

Using the NEOS Server for SeDuMi

The user must submit a model in sparse SDPA format or in SeDuMi format to solve a semidefinite-quadratic-linear programming problem. Examples of models in sparse SDPA format can be found in the SDPLIB library while SeDuMi format files are at DIMACS
In particular can SOCPs (second order cone problems) be solved with SeDuMi/Matlab input

In addition to SeDuMi's own error output the 6 error measures are printed according to the DIMACS 7th Challenge, see the benchmarking paper. This facilitates comparison with other SDP solvers.

Using the NEOS Server for sedumi/MATLAB_BINARY

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Alternatively, enter the complete path to the SeDuMi format data (Matlab binary, containing At b c K)

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