NEOS Interfaces to scipsdp

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The NEOS Server offers SCIPSDP for the solution of mixed-integer semidefinite programming problems in extended sparse SDPA format.

SCIPSDP is an extension of the solver SCIP. It uses the SDP solver DSDP.

Source and documentation are available from the SCIPSDP Homepage

The current SCIPSDP developers are Frederik Matter and Marc Pfetsch.

This solver was implemented by Hans Mittelmann and executes at

Using the NEOS Server for SCIPSDP

The user must submit a mixed-integer semidefinite programming problem in extended sparse SDPA format. The default settings do a pure branch and bound with SDPs solved at every node. If non-standard parameter settings are required, the user may also submit changes from this default parameter file. When submitting via e-mail or XML-RPC delete empty tokens!

Using the NEOS Server for scipsdp/SPARSE_SDPA

Web Submission Form
SDPA data
Enter the complete path to the SDPA format data file (extended sparse SDPA format)
Parameter file (optional)
Enter the complete path to the parameter file
Additional Settings

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