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The NEOS Server offers Condor for the derivative-free minimization of inequality constrained problems in AMPL format.

Condor is an extension of MJD Powell's unconstrained optimimization by quadratic approximation method, UOBYQA, to constrained problems. See also the article in Math. Prog. B, vol. 92 (2002).

Condor is intended for difficult, noisy, and expensive to evaluate functions for which derivatives are not or not easily available. It evaluates only function values. Problems should be of moderate dimension (up to about 50 variables). A typical application problem is described here.

Condor has interfaces to AMPL, SIF, C++, and XML. It is available in serial and parallel versions. Source code, binaries and documentation are available here. This technical report includes in particular a comparison to UOBYQA and DFO.

Condor's main interface is the XML one and its main application is the minimization of black-box functions with no available derivatives. This AMPL installation is only for demonstration purposes. A fully functional XML version is available at the download site.

Condor was developed by Frank Vanden Berghen

This solver was implemented by Hans Mittelmann and executes at

Using the NEOS Server for Condor

The user must submit a model in AMPL format. Examples of such models can be found here. The model is specified by a model file, and optionally, a data file and a commands file.

If the command file is specified it must contain the AMPL solve command. The commands file can contain any AMPL command or set options for Condor, by setting the variable 'condor_options'. These are the available options.

Using the NEOS Server for condor/AMPL

The user must submit a model in AMPL format. Examples are provided in the examples section of the AMPL website.

The problem must be specified in a model file. A data file and commands files may also be provided. If the commands file is specified, it must contain the AMPL solve command; however, it must not contain the model or data commands. The model and data files are renamed internally by NEOS.

The commands file may include option settings for the solver. To specify solver options, add

  option condor_options 'OPTIONS';
where OPTIONS is a list of one or more of the available solver options for AMPL.

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