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The NEOS Server offers filter for the solution of nonlinearly constrained optimization problems in AMPL format. filter is suitable for large nonlinearly constrained problems with a modest number of degrees of freedom.

filter implements a Sequential Quadratic Programming solver which is suitable for solving large nonlinearly constrained problems. Additional information on filter can be found in the user manual for filter .

filter was developed by Roger Fletcher, and Sven Leyffer.

Using the NEOS Server for filter

The user must submit a model in AMPL format to solve a nonlinearly constrained optimization problem. Examples of models in AMPL format can be found in the AMPL library .

The model is specified by a model file, and optionally, a data file and a commands file.

If the command file is specified it must contain the AMPL solve command.

The commands file can contain any AMPL command or set options for filter . Printing directed to standard out is returned to the user with the output.
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Enter the location of the ampl data file (local file)
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