NEOS Interfaces to Knitro

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The NEOS Server offers Knitro for the solution of:

Problems can be submitted to Knitro on the NEOS server in AMPL or GAMS format.

Knitro natively offers several other interfaces in a variety of languages: (i) object-oriented interfaces for C++, C#, Java and Python; (ii) matrix-oriented interfaces for C, Fortran, Matlab, and R; (iii) links to modelling languages AIMS, AMPL, GAMS, and MPL; (iv) and links to Excel through Frontline Solvers.

Key features of Knitro include: (i) a large set of well-documented user options (see the Knitro documentation) and automatic tuner; (ii) (parallel) multi-start for global optimization; (iii) derivatives approximation and checker; and (iv) internal presolver.

Knitro was originally developed by Richard Byrd, Mary Beth Hribar, Jorge Nocedal and Richard Waltz with additional help from Guanghui Liu, Marcelo Marazzi, Todd Plantenga, and Jose Luis Morales. Since July 2015, Knitro has been developed by Artelys with Richard Waltz as lead developer.

Free trial and evaluations of Knitro are available on the Download page of the Artelys website. For more information on Knitro, see the Artelys Knitro Overview or directly contact Artelys.

Using the NEOS Server for Knitro/NL

The user must submit a model in NL format. The NEOS Server will automatically handle an NL model in either binary or text format. NL files in either format can additionally be zipped, gzipped, or tarred prior to submission if desired.

An options file can optionally be specified. Please note that certain options may be restricted, altered, or removed by the NEOS server prior to solving. For example, users are limited to a max of four solver threads -- requests for more threads in the options file will not be honored.

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