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The NEOS Server offers Bonmin (Basic Open-source Nonlinear Mixed INteger programming) for the solution of mixed-integer nonlinearly-constrained optimization problems. Bonmin is also available open source under the Common Public License. Problems for Bonmin can be submitted on the NEOS server in AMPL or GAMS format.

Bonmin is an experimental open-source C++ code for solving general mixed-integer nonlinearly constrained problems. Bonmin features several algorithms

The algorithms in Bonmin are exact when the objective and constraint functions are convex; in the case the functions are non-convex, they are heuristics.

Bonmin is a hybrid between two classical algorithms for mixed-integer nonlinear programming: an outer-approximation-based branch-and-cut-based algorithm and a pure branch-and-bound algorithm. The user can set options to declare which version of the algorithm should be employed through NEOS.

Bonmin was developed by a large team of researchers at IBM and Carnegie Mellon:

Information about Bonmin can be found on the Bonmin homepage on the COIN-OR website.

Using the NEOS Server for Bonmin/AMPL

The user must submit a model in AMPL format. Examples are provided in the examples section of the AMPL website.

The problem must be specified in a model file. A data file and commands files may also be provided. If the commands file is specified, it must contain the AMPL solve command; however, it must not contain the model or data commands. The model and data files are renamed internally by NEOS.

The commands file may include option settings for the solver. To specify solver options, add

option bonmin_options 'OPTIONS';
where OPTIONS is a list of one or more of the available solver options for AMPL.

Bonmin has a variety of options that can be set to alter the behavior of the algorithm. The Bonmin User's Manual describes all the solver options available to the user. There are two ways to set options for Bonmin:

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