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The NEOS Server offers QSopt_EX for the exact solution of linear programming problems.

QSopt_EX was written by Daniel Espinoza. William J. Cook. Sanjeeb Dash. and David Applegate,

Source code and documentation are available from the QSopt-Exact homepage

This solver was implemented by Hans Mittelmann and executes at

Using the NEOS Server for QSopt_EX

The user must submit an LP problem with either rational or real data in either this MPS or this LP format or in AMPL. Note that this QSopt_EX installation runs with default options; the solver can only handle integer variables in very small instances.

Enter the complete path to the MPS file
QSopt_EX data (MPS format file):

Enter the complete path to the LP file
QSopt_EX data (LP format file):

Enter the complete path to the AMPL model file (linear, minimization, no commands, no "end")
AMPL model:

Enter the complete path to the AMPL data file (optional, no commands)
AMPL data:

Is the problem an LP or a MIP?
Problem type:

Are data real or rational/integer?
Input data format:


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Short Priority: submit to higher priority queue with maximum CPU time of 5 minutes
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