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The NEOS Server offers PROXY for the refinement of feasible solutions of mixed-integer linear optimization problems involving binary variables.

The proximity search algorithm was developed by Matteo Fischetti and Michele Monaci. PROXY uses the CPLEX library.

This solver was implemented by Hans Mittelmann and executes at under

Using the NEOS Server for PROXY

The user must submit a mixed-integer linear programming problem in one of two formats. When submitting via e-mail or XML-RPC delete empty tokens!
See this file for an explanation of PROXY and its use.

Web Submission Form
PROXY data (MPS format file)
Enter the complete path to the MPS format data file
PROXY data (CPLEX-LP format file)
Alternatively, enter the complete path to the CPLEX-LP file
Initial feasible solution (CPLEX-MST or SOL format file)
Optionally, enter the complete path to the input file
CPU limit in seconds (if less than 10000)
Parameter theta (otherwise default -0.1)
Non-default CPLEX parameters in PRM format
Optionally, enter the complete path to the CPLEX-PRM file
Stop CPLEX with first feasible
Additional Settings

E-Mail address:
Please do not click the 'Submit to NEOS' button more than once.