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The NEOS Server offers Gurobi for the solution of mixed integer programming problems that can be modeled in LP format.

Using the NEOS Server with LP/Gurobi

To solve a mixed integer linear programming problem using LP as input, you need only submit the LP file. The LP file may be submitted in gzipped or zipped format, and NEOS will automatically uncompress it for you. (This may be handy if the LP file is large).

The model is specified by an LP file, and optionally a parameter file. The parameter file should consist of lines of the format
Keyword Value
where Keyword is one of the Gurobi Parameter keywords, and Value is the value to which you wish to set the parameter.

When using the Gurobi software on NEOS, your contact information may be collected and shared with Gurobi. For information on Gurobi products and services, contact them at one of the following addresses:

Gurobi Optimization    
Box 1001
3733-1 Westheimer Rd
Houston TX 77027 USA

Phone: +1 713 871 9341
Fax:   +1 713 960 0793

Web Submission Form
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Dry run: generate job XML instead of submitting it to NEOS
Short Priority: submit to higher priority queue with maximum CPU time of 5 minutes
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