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The NEOS Server offers FICO Xpress for the solution of mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) problems that can be modeled in MPS format. To learn more about the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite, visit the FICO Optimization website.

Using the NEOS Server with FICO Xpress

The user must submit a model in MPS format to solve an MILP problem. The user may optionally specify a file that includes FICO Xpress commands to customize the use of the optimizer.

Note: An email address is required for any submissions to FICO Xpress solvers. This email address will be forwarded to FICO and may be used by FICO for promotional purposes. When using the XML-RPC interface, you must add the line <email></email> to the XML file that is submitted to NEOS.

Web Submission Form
Enter the location of the MPS file
Enter the location of the FICO Xpress parameter file
If you would like to override the default parameter settings, you can submit a parameter file in the FICO Xpress Optimizer format. The file will be scanned for settings that are not available on NEOS; the possibly modified file will be returned with your output.
Check the box if your objective should be maximized. The default is minimization.
Suppress solution in results
Check the box if the solution should not be included in the output. The default setting is to include the solution.
You may enter any additional comments here, for example, to identify the data for your own information. These comments will be returned with your results.
Additional Settings
Dry run: generate job XML instead of submitting it to NEOS
Short Priority: submit to higher priority queue with maximum CPU time of 5 minutes
E-Mail address:
Please do not click the 'Submit to NEOS' button more than once.