NEOS Interfaces to Fishwerks

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This NEOS Server provides a means to run custom barrier removal and/or lampricide application optimizations beyond the capacity of the online Fishwerks Decision Support Tool. For instance, the NEOS Server could be used to run optimizations for networks outside the Great Lakes Basin, alternative barrier removal cost estimates, additional target species, and others.

For a better understanding of the capabilities of the optimization model hosted here, see the Fishwerks help documentation.

Using the NEOS Server for Fishwerks/csv

This NEOS Server requires two CSVs that define barrier network information and optimization problem specifications. For help creating and formatting these two CSVs, see the help documentation.

Web Submission Form
Table of barrier attributes (.csv, required), generally pulled from hydrography database. Each row corresponds uniquely to one barrier, identified by its ID. Columns correspond to barrier attributes and column names should match specifications in definitions.csv. See help documentation for more.
Table of analysis settings (.csv, required), such as problem budgets, specification of cost and habitat columns in table.csv, etc. See help documentation for more.
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