Follow these steps to submit a job to NEOS via XML-RPC clients:
  1. Save the following template using your browser's copy and paste tools
  2. Using your favorite editor, plug your data files and parameters into the message in the indicated spots
  3. Descriptions of the input are written with the web interface in mind. If the description asks for the name of a file, then you will instead need to insert the contents of the file itself.
  4. The <![CDATA[ ... ]]> tag is an escape indicator. This will ensure that any special characters in your inputs (such as <, >, &, etc.) will be interpreted correctly.

For XML-RPC, you need to submit the contents of this file to NEOS with the submitJob() method, and retrieve the results with the getResults() method. Go here for more information on using the XML-RPC interface to NEOS.


<table><![CDATA[...Insert Value Here...]]></table>

<definitions><![CDATA[...Insert Value Here...]]></definitions>


Description of input values

Table of barrier attributes (.csv, required), generally pulled from hydrography database. Each row corresponds uniquely to one barrier, identified by its ID. Columns correspond to barrier attributes and column names should match specifications in definitions.csv. See help documentation for more.
Table of analysis settings (.csv, required), such as problem budgets, specification of cost and habitat columns in table.csv, etc. See help documentation for more.