NEOS Interfaces to Domino

Sample Submissions


The NEOS Server offers the Domino solver to create domino artwork. Images for Domino on the NEOS server are submitted in jpeg format.

The solver constructs portraits from complete sets of double-nine dominoes. Complete sets of double-nine dominoes include one domino for each distinct pair of dot values from 0 to 9, resulting in a total of 55 dominoes. The Domino solver is based on an assignment problem with side constraints as detailed in Opt Art by Robert Bosch.

The objective of the assignment problem is to place some number of sets of double-nine dominoes on a canvas in such a way that the resulting arrangement resembles the target image as closely as possible. Note that each domino can be positioned either horizontally or vertically and covers exactly two squares of the canvas.

For more details on Domino, see the Domino Art case study on the NEOS Guide.

Using the NEOS Server for Domino/jpeg

The user provides a target image in JPG format and the solver returns a link to the output image. Note that it may take several minutes for the Domino solver to produce the output image. For large images or for high-quality images, the web page may not refresh with the link to the output image.

Note: If the link to the output image is not returned in the results, you can retrieve the image from the html output directory for your job. Jobs are grouped into directories by 10,000s. To get the output directory, round down the job number to the nearest 10,000. Then go to At the bottom of the page, you will find the link to the output image.

Web Submission Form
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Enter the location of the target JPG image.
Set the quality of the output image.

Set the domino color.

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