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The NEOS Server provides the GAMS CONVERT utility to transform a GAMS model instance into other formats. A full list of available formats is available on the GAMS CONVERT documentation under the Target Languages section.

Using the NEOS Server for CONVERT/GAMS

Submit a GAMS model for format conversion. There are many conversion formats available via GAMS Convert. The NEOS Server allows the user to choose from one format from a specified subset of formats or choose "ALL" formats. Choosing "ALL" will generate all supported formats.

In some cases, a format may not be compatible with the given model and error messages may be observed. For example, if the model has no quadratic part, then the error "gmoDumpQMakerGDX failed" may appear. Similarly, the message "file localsolver.lsp may be corrupted" may appear as the LocalSolver format only allows for discrete variables. These messages can be safely ignored.

Web Submission Form
Model File
Specify the path to the GAMS model on your system to convert.
Conversion Formats
Select a format to convert to. Only a subset of formats is listed in the menu. Use "ALL" to convert problem to all available formats.
Return log file
If the box is checked, the log file containing information generated by the solver will be returned with the output.
You may enter any additional comments here, for example, to identify the data for your own information. These comments will be returned with your results.
Additional Settings

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Please do not click the 'Submit to NEOS' button more than once.